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 How does National Billing guarantee a high rate of payments?

National Billing’s computer system utilizes a state-of-the-art Medical Billing software designed for medical billing companies and their providers. This software is far superior to most other medical software because of the way in which a claim is handled and is why National Billing can collect on 100% of all payable claims.


Most software works by just aging a claim, so the only way that a billing company knows a claim has not been paid is by working an aging report. This process is timely, inefficient and too many claims are missed or end up being too late to process. At National Billing we handle your claims in a much more productive manor; one that follows all the claims throughout the entire claims payment process.


Our software utilizes a system of “Error Buckets” to track the claims throughout the payment process. There are 3 primary error buckets: No response, rejections and denials. A flow chart is attached that outlines this process.


The claim is first sent to the clearing house, if it passes all the edits it goes off to the insurance company, if not the claim is rejected and goes directly into our “Rejection Bucket” to be worked daily by our staff, fixed and resubmitted. Once has been accepted by the insurance company and it is then denied for some reason, the claim will fall into the “Denial Bucket” automatically, again to be fixed and immediately resubmitted. If a claim is not paid within 20 days from acceptance at the insurance company, the system automatically flags that claim as an “error” and the claim will go into the “No Response” error bucket and our certified billers will call the respective insurance company to research why the claim has not been processed in the first 20 days, and what needs to be done to get the claim paid.


Our system ensures that every claim that has some type of error is categorized and thus can be worked timely and easily. The claim detail will tell our certified billers exactly what is needed in order to fix the claim and resubmit the claim back to the insurance company to get it paid.


By cleaning out the “Error Buckets” daily our company makes sure that every claim is worked, no matter what the reason of non-payment. We do not wait until a claim falls onto an aging report, and then worked; we work the claim the day it becomes an error, far much sooner than waiting for the claim to fall onto an aging report.





National Billing Claim Flow Chart


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